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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Retouch Samples

A photo of my cousin Meleine that I cut up when I was younger to make into a collage. My mother never let me hear the end of it when she found out I cut up the old pictures from Haiti. Haha! But I fixed it in photoshop :-P

Another retouch of some random person. A scan the professor provided in class.

And the last one was actually the hardest because it's ripped right where the lips are and that is the hardest to conceal. As you can tell this was wasn't my favorite, I had a hard time with this one especially... Now that I think about it, why did I post it again??? LOL

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Headphones on, camera in hand, strolling through the city!

This guy was really cool! I asked him if I could take his picture and he was like "Me? I'm not even cool" I love everything about this picture. It has a retro 60's Old City vibe. KEWLLSSZZZ ! I feel like I've seen this picture before.. LOL The classic silhouette chillin' in front of the building with a cigarette in his mouth... Classic vintage inspired shot.

If you saw this picture in it's raw form you'd be amazed at the color saturation and vibrancy! But I just love how black and white can turn a photograph into something so timeless.

People in the city are just so nice. He was like the 4th random person that I asked if I could take their photo. Old City is full of photogenic people. I love it!

I call this one "Homeless with a tape player" This guy was so nice. He saw me walking down the street with my camera and he's like "Take my picture." So I took it! I kinda like how it came out. :-D